A woman with lupus walks through a dark jungle as a spirit version of herself lovingly embraces her.

Self-Love and Lupus

Self-love is the best love you can have. Dealing with lupus can take your pride and integrity away from you. I have come across plenty of women who have had issues with themselves. For someone to love you, you have to learn to love yourself. I have been through depression and even tried to commit suicide due to lupus. I was tired of being sick. I was tired of people judging my outside appearance with lupus. I used to ask, "Why me? Why should I have to go through this?" I wondered to myself why I didn’t have that self-love for myself. Is it because every time I feel like I am up, lupus makes me feel like I am down. Here are some lupus women who talk about self-love:

Women on Instagram on lupus and self-love


Here is a quote from Thehoodlovegabby: “Lupus and self-love go hand and hand because as much as lupus is a physical disease, it is also mental! If you feel defeated by lupus, it will make it easier for it to creep in and do its damage. But thinking with confidence and having a warrior mentality can literally save your life when it comes to this cruel disease. Lupus affecting my spine has created a spin-off neurological disease for me Transverse Myelitis, and them telling me I could never do certain things again. I defied the odds many times and continue to daily because of my mindset and self-love!”


Here is a quote from lupus1on1:
"Dear Lupus,
December 2015 was when we first met, my initial reaction was one I will never forget. Such turbulence, confusion, anger, tears, and heartbreak. There were days when I didn't know how to cope with you, so much so that my life I tried to take. But we made it through those really hard days, despite the flares and the struggles that we faced. Now here we are half a decade later and my love for you couldn't be greater. That sentence might sound strange to some but I've learned so much since our journey began. Initially, I hated you, I hated me, I hated the reality of how our life together would be. But as time went on I opened my eyes and truly began to see, that you were about to become the greatest part of me. You have shown me the strength I never knew I had, patience I thought I lacked, compassion for others, and a love for myself I thought I had lost. Thank you lupus for reminding me to never stop loving me.” - Lee

Self-love is the best love

Remember, you are important so make yourself a priority. Self-love is the best love. The battles I struggled with were my body issues. I thought I was uglier and uglier every day because lupus made me feel that way. I did not want to go anywhere or do anything and it had me forgetting who I was.

I was so mean and I hated myself to the point where I would hurt myself to try and get away from living like this. But life had other plans for me. I had to learn to be patient with myself. I had to continue to imagine that I was beautiful with this condition no matter what. Learning to have self-love made it easier for other people to love me. I did not have anyone to turn to in my recollecting myself phase because I would take my anger out on the ones closest to me. Until I realized that I was more deprived of loving myself than ever. Now you could not pay me to say I am ugly and I love myself this way.

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