A sad male with lupus sits hunched underneath a large graduation cap, with diplomas and books scattered throughout the scene.

Having Lupus While in School

Most may think that college is not hard for us lupus patients but it actually is. We have to find a few people who will be a helping hand and understand our condition enough to help us if we miss anything. We have to find that a person that is good at taking notes, a person that can bring you your work sometimes, and a person who is willing to call you during class so you can listen in. Dealing with this condition, some schools just like some jobs, will not understand your condition – just judge it. When applying for school, you will need to automatically have a few things to give to your advisor:

  • Proof of your condition
  • Proof of limitations due to your condition
  • Why should you be excused from class
  • How long can you stand or sit
  • Your focus level dealing with lupus

When the school approves this you will be able to miss days and it will be excused due to your condition.

Exemptions for lupus at college

In some cases, you will be able to be at least 15 minutes late for each class due to your condition. Your teacher will not question the technique you use to be able to stay in class because they will understand your condition. But they are consequences if you don’t take the precautions to make sure your school knows about your condition. Speak to your advisor and tell them about your condition with proof. If not, you can fail a semester, owe the school money for that semester, not being excused from class, and repeat that class due to health, which can cause you to lose financial aid.

Financial help with college

Some people like me living in a poor community, you need all financial help you can get to succeed, and having a condition takes you from plenty of opportunities. I wanted to join the military to pay for college and I ended up being diagnosed with lupus. The military does not take anyone with an autoimmune disease. I have no clue why but when I decided to register I could not due to borderline health issues. That was my way to pay for college. College can be expensive for someone who cannot or does not work. Someone who is going through a situation with their health and might have to constantly keep taking time outs and days off from school.

I have lost financial aid due to my being sick. I have lost jobs and homes from me being sick. Going to school can be hard on lupus patients, especially if you're in the hospital sometimes and trying to do your homework with round-the-clock nurses and doctors, in and out of the hospital room. Sometimes, it’s even harder when you need a certain amount of rest but you have an essay or assignment due. We fight that sleep to finish schoolwork which we might end up paying for later on. Securing our future means securing our health, and sometimes we can’t juggle both.

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