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The Positive Sides of Lupus

Sometimes the trials that come with lupus can be overbearing. The world has enough stress and the last thing we want to deal with is the obstacles of living with a chronic illness that we didn’t choose. It is not always easy and it takes a conscious effort to make yourself think positively about your illness and honestly most days you are just trying to convince yourself over anyone else that everything is okay. Sometimes it helps to be reminded just what you are doing and that is what I am here to do.

Strength in lupus

First, do you know how truly strong you are for carrying such a burden? We are not given any challenges which we are not strong enough to conquer and out of all the people in the world you were the one strong enough to be given this. YOU! You were the one chosen because you are the strongest one there was and you are the one that can handle it with more grace than anyone in this world. Remember your strength, remember your resiliency, and remember your worth. You are dealing with the stresses of life along with so much more that the world doesn’t see. Don’t ever forget that.

Being a voice for others with lupus

Second, this is your chance to change the world. You are a voice for so many still trying to find answers, for those who have not received a diagnosis or may nor understand their symptoms. You could truly be their saving grace. This is your time to fight and advocate for a treatment and a cure that could save millions of people, to be a part of something great. Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You are doing more than you realize just by simply talking about your journey with Lupus.

You now have a super power

Third, you now possess a type of kindness and compassion for others that the world rarely sees. You know what it is like to carry a burden the rest of the world doesn't see and that makes you more understanding of those around you. You have the super ability to look at someone and understand that they may be going through something the world knows nothing about and that can be their reason for certain actions or traits they have. You have a superpower based on the fact that you have suffered in silence and you know that so many others around you are as well. That is pretty amazing.

You are not defined by your lupus

Lastly, think of all the ways having lupus has molded you into the person you are today. I know for myself it has made me more empathetic toward others and their personal struggles, it has made me find the good in every situation, to laugh more, enjoy the smallest things, and to see my own strength and resiliency. I know I would have never found my strength to deal with issues from professional to personal had it not been for what I have had to overcome with my journey with lupus. I hope you understand that you are not defined by your illness but you are just that much more amazing because of it!

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