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Brain Fog and Personality Changes with Lupus

When dealing with lupus we might think that we are all okay mentally. But are we really? Lupus can bring others through depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Sometimes we can not even realize that we have these issues. Ever got sidetracked – were doing something and turned and did something else? I have had that issue plenty of times with others and they would be calm and tell me that I just switched or clicked out for no reason and I did not notice I was doing it. Sounds crazy right? Well, it is not. it is perfectly normal for a lupus patient. Such as brain freeze or as people so call it brain fog. Brain fog affects your ability to think. When you suddenly forget things. I have had those issues too.

More experiences with brain fog

There was one time I was on the interstate and I actually canceled where I was going and then placed the GPS to go home and I think I was Ubering at the time. The person I was going to get, I completely forgot about. I know it is not my fault that I can not remember but it does bruise your ego a bit. Some things I would have to do is set a reminder on my phone when I have appointments, I will make sticky notes, or I will get others to remind me. Also, have you ever remembered you placed something somewhere and it's not there anymore? Well, I have that Bipolar personality. I get very agitated if I think the last place I placed something should be there and it's not there.

I would misplace keys and cards and have to replace them all the time. that is a lot of fees to be replacing and a lot of money. It's even harder cause sometimes I forget doctor appointments and had to reschedule.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed

But don't feel discouraged because people around you will and should understand. You should surround yourself around understanding individuals. When dealing with this condition I had plenty of times where I would get frustrated because I completely forget what I was saying but think of this instead of getting mad, just go into deep thought. I used to not understand why I would get so mad so quickly. If things would not go my way; if things were not clean the way I wanted it clean, and if things were not done the way I wanted to. I found myself catching little and sometimes big temper tantrums.

Finding peace with personality changes

Believe me, it is not worth your peace. Find things to calm your moods like meditation or yoga. You can even go to the gym and work out your anger. Always try and think before you react. If you feel like you can not calm down cause the thing that agitating you is around you? Then take a drive. I do all these things to keep my sanity. I also light candles and burn sage and incense to meditate. Your peace keeps your flare-up down. Fewer flares equal a happy life.

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