A woman covers her face with her arm to shield her from the sunlight while lupus lesions cover her arm.

Lesions on the Body with Lupus

Have you ever had lesions all over your body due to your lupus? Did it burn or itch you in any type of way? Did it cause discomfort? Did it cause an infection within your body? According to The Lupus Foundation Of America, 66 percent of people with lupus will form the skin disease, and 40 to 70 percent will find it due to exposure to sunlight. The foundation lists different types of skin conditions that pertain to lupus, such as:

  • Chronic cutaneous discoid lupus
  • Subacute cutaneous
  • Acute cutaneous lupus

My experience with discoid lupus

I was diagnosed with discoid cutaneous lupus but I also have something called cutaneous vasculitis lesions. This happens when inflammation damages the blood vessels. The lesions usually appear in small red-purple spots and bumps all over the body. Usually, ulcers form and larger knots. These lesions can cause damage to the skin and scar you. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, You have other skin conditions to related to lupus, such as:

  • Calcinosis
  • Cutaneous vasculitis lesions
  • Hair loss
  • Raynaud's phenomenon
  • Livedo reticularis and palmar erythema
  • Mucosal ulcerations
  • Petechiae

Lupus lesion treatments

Nine times out of 10, you have had one of these conditions when dealing with lupus, from what I understand. These lesions can bring a whole different person out of you mentally and physically. Your body goes through so many changes and you have to learn to love yourself again. There are treatments to treat this condition that are proven to help.

Self-awareness and education

Learn and understand your body in and out so you can understand your skin. When you understand your skin, you can educate others on your condition. Even doctors that may not have known this about your condition. But when I got the lesions, I was doing chemotherapy and going through my second kidney failure. When my body was inflamed my skin was my first symptom. I have had the worst dealings with my skin. But you will have to go through obstacles to learn to deal with your condition.

From personal experience, I have and am still dealing with lupus. One common place on our body where the lesions come out of is our vagina. You may feel a little lump down there. That would be considered a lesion or an ulcer on your vagina. Sometimes this will have to be cut and drained if it does not bust on its own.

I use to watch my mother go through these experiences as a mother, and I feel as if she is a strong woman for being able to deal with all that. When you get the cut drained, you will have to keep it clean and take antibiotics to prevent infection. Dealing with lupus, we always have to deal with some sort of infection trying to enter our body so we have to take better care of our bodies even our skin. Why? Because we want to live a long, nurturing life without feeling pain overbearing us.

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