Labor and Delivery With Lupus

The countdown to the thought of me becoming a mom slowly began on a Saturday morning. I thought to myself that I would be a great mother when she comes. I also thought about everything that could go wrong during delivery.

I mean, here I was: In a few hours, I'm about to push out a human being and I will no longer be a person without a child. When the clock started to roll down, the anxiety kicked in. Due to the coronavirus, I had to wait until the doctors called me so a room could be available and I wouldn’t have to wait in the OB waiting room.

Testing, monitoring, and contractions

I received a phone call around 4:30 pm to come in around 8 pm. So, I made sure I had everything I needed and headed down to the hospital on time. I checked in and was ready to be induced. The nurses walked in and the first thing they tested me for was COVID-19. It’s when a Q-tip is inserted through the nose and held on each side for 10 seconds. The test takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get results. I tested negative and the game was on.

When I arrived, I was dilated 2cm and I felt that I could wait after being induced to get the epidural. Around 12 pm, I hit 3cm and felt the contractions. It felt as if it was an out-of-body experience. I asked for it and stayed 5cm For about 10 hours. The doctors came in and checked my cervix, and I still was 5cm. When they came in they were trying to figure out why her heart rate was dropping. So they made me turn left and right. Then, 20 minutes later, they came back and I was 8cm dilated. By that time, they called a nurse in to set up for delivery.

Overwhelmed with joy

They thought I would have my baby within the next hour, but the contractions came so fast that I ended up being 10cm dilated within 20 minutes. The nurses and doctors came in and prepared for my bundle of joy to arrive.

I was so overwhelmed with joy that I was about to be a new mother. The process was overwhelming. I was able to call my mom and mother-in-law because no one could be there but my husband. Then, I started to push! It took me about 15 minutes to have my daughter, and my bundle of joy was here.

I could not believe I had a human being so precious on my chest and I created her. She was everything I dreamed of and more. My miracle child was here and I was no longer a woman without a child. I was a woman with one. I did not scream or yell. I just pushed and the doctors told me I had her like a trooper. They were surprised I had no complications having her – no flare-ups, no problems whatsoever. I was transferred to the mommy and me ward and later discharged.

This was all an experience that was all worth it. I believe it was worth it.

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