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Human Rhinovirus and Lupus

Infections and lupus can be a hurdle in the healing process. This recent flare up happened while being a parent to my beautiful kids. I couldn’t smell out of my nose and couldn’t taste. Sounds like Covid right? It was not. A respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) panel was ran and I had a specific virus that led to me having an infection as well.

What was worse was I prolonged treatment. I was diagnosed with the human rhinovirus/enterovirus. This virus can be serious among people with weakened immune systems.

Virus symptoms

My symptoms were crazy out of this world. I had a stuffy and runny nose. I could not eat, taste, or smell. This infection can mimic other infections as well. I also had a serious headache and weakened body. I felt like I could not walk or I was going to pass out. I was congested and ended up having an ear infection because I prolonged treatment. This was horrible for me because having two kids to take care of at the same time just made it harder.

It was like the virus kept rotating throughout our house. When going to the hospital they told us it was common during the summer for different types of colds to happen.

Healing process

The treatment was plain and simple. They prescribed me a steroid pack and gave me a steroid shot. They also gave me antibiotics and an antibiotic shot as well. The last thing they prescribed was promethazine syrup and that only made me a little tired when it comes to being a parent.

I had to take my time and take it with meals as well. They also prescribed me a nasal spray to help with the stuffiness in my nose. They stated this healing process can take up to a couple of weeks, and it took me about two weeks.

Getting an infection with lupus

Things I could have done to prevent myself from getting sick was wearing a mask and washing my hands. I could also not go out unless I really needed to but that includes me cutting off my social life and I don’t like that. Be sure to take your essential vitamins and supplements.  With getting an infection and having lupus it only intensified the infection across my body.

I should have done better with my decision making and getting myself in a better position with my health. Always know that a disease will not skip you. You are liable to get sick as well, immune issues or not. Be an example of what you want to be in the future.

So now I am in the process of building my immune system back up to a level to where it wont affect me in the long run and I will have a long and healthy life.  I want to be better so I can be better for my kids and they can see me until I’m old and gray.

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