A house is shown against a city backdrop with all dark windows and a hurricane circling overhead, blowing the palm trees forcefully.

Hurricane Zeta

Hurricane Zeta had an effect on a tremendous amount of people. People started off thinking that it was a simple storm but it was not. Our parish had no announcement to evacuate and leave, so plenty of us stayed. Of course, as you may know, I have a 7-month old daughter now.

Power outage, no food, and a baby

Within the first day of the storm hit around 5 o’clock, we lost power. After that, we were without power for about 5 days, but the city was without power for a whole week or so.  While the power was out, it was me, my husband, my daughter, my disabled brother, and my mother-in-law in a house with no power, AC, or lights. I would say after day 2 the food started to go bad. Eventually, we lost most of our food.

Lucky we had a gas stove to be able to cook and make food and warm my daughter's bottle. We barbecued for about 3 days straight and that was exhausting. Not only did we lose food but it was expensive to buy new food. I went to Whole Foods and spent about $80 on meat and a little baby food that lasted one day. Walmart and other stores had to discard their foods, so there really was no food to go around. People were taking what they can grab to feed their kids. Being without power, I was going in and out of my vehicle making sure we stayed cool, but the weather was not bad at all.

Managing lupus in a hurricane

The hardest thing was trying to get the lupus medication that I needed. It was hard to go days before and days after to get your medication. Sometimes I wondered why would they run out of medications but I have to understand that there are millions of people in the world.

By the second day of the storm, my hands started to flare up and my body started to ache. I started to eat less and that was a big issue for my family because to take medication of course I have to eat. Around the third day, someone bought a generator but we can only plug certain things up to the generator. So we were still without air but we were able to wash clothes and use certain lamps.

It took me a few days to recover from this storm. Financially, of course, I will not be able to recover for a while but now that I am a parent of course your child comes before anything. So there were a few days I was without meds and through most of the storm, me and my daughter ended up sleeping so we could let time fly past. It wasn’t as bad as when I was a kid when Hurricane Katrina hit. That storm was worse. But this was unexpected to have these results that we have had. When the power started everyone tried to get their life back together. We are just trying to put the pieces back together. But as of today, my health is perfect.

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