'Twas The Night Before Lupmas

With each passing moment, it’s so hard to quiet the whispers of fear. I am holding space for lupus warriors all over the world to hold loved ones near. In the face of lupus and it’s unpredictability, strength and resilience always perseveres. Take this message of hope in your heart and precious hands. May each lupus warrior find peace and delight during this holiday season.

The night before lupmas

'Twas the night before Lupmas, in the quiet repose,

Not a symptom was stirring, not even in small throes.

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The moonlight embraced each lupus warrior's face,

As they dreamt of a respite, a moment of peace and grace.


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that a cure soon would be there.

Lupus warriors nestled, wrapped in their dreams,

Visions of remission, of less pain and no screams.


The flare-ups were silent, the pain tucked away,

In the stillness of Lupmas, moments of less stress at the doorway.

With each twinkle of starlight, a wish softly sighed,

For better health and true wellness, on this Lupus eve tide.


The lupus moon casting a beautiful glow on the snow,

A shimmering blanket, a radiant show.

The night held a secret, a mystical hush,

A Lupmas enchantment, with no symptoms, no fuss.


As each lupus warrior slumbers, a promise takes flight,

That Lupmas would bring them pain free moments so bright.

With hope in their hearts and strength in their will,

They awaited Lupmas, serene and quite still.


So, in this lupus land, on the eve so divine,

Lupmas whispers, "Courage and less pain dear warriors, be thine."

For in this silent night, indomitable strength does accrue,

Happy Lupmas to all, and wellness anew!

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