An Itch I Can't Get Rid Of

When dealing with lupus, of course there are ups and downs with symptoms. Recently, I discovered hives on my skin becoming worse and worse. I am realizing a lot of things can cause hives. But I wondered, will I ever be able to find out specifically what was causing my hives? I started to track everything I possibly could about my lupus hives.

Is it allergies?

These hives are ridiculous. I do not know if it is due to allergies, but I never had allergies growing up. I really was not allergic to anything growing up, and now lupus has made me change my body once again. Things that I ate my whole life I am no longer able to eat as a fully grown adult. I know bodies change but with these hives I am not allowed to eat anything I normally would.

Lupus changes your body

My rheumatologist and dermatologist explained to me that over time lupus will make things change within my body, and I will have to adjust. Let's look at what I ate today. Today I ate chicken noodle soup and I did not flare up. Then I decided to go to Popeye's and order a popcorn shrimp bowl - that made me flare up by the time I made it home.

Hives happen to flare up on my arms, legs, hands, and feet. I have no clue what triggers it other than to think it's another change due to my lupus. My doctors want me to go see an allergist and see if they can determine what is flaring me up so easily. It's not my normal flare up. I will break out in hives, and then in the morning those areas where it has broken out in hives will flare up and become painful.

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Will my diet change things?

Other things that I've noticed flare me up now: caramel popcorn, sodas, Oreos, and more. Not to mention I have been depressed, eating to where I eat anything but cannot find the root to the problem.

I've noticed problems that I never had as a child. I always wonder what am I doing different. So, I purchased a vegan cookbook. I also booked an author book called "Goodbye Lupus" and it is mostly basically going plant-based for a while. Will that solve some of the issues? Yes, I hope so! Until I can figure out what else is making me flare up. The rash on my face does not help at all either.

Scratch until I bleed

Having these issues in life sometimes makes me just want to give up. Why can't I just have a normal day and be normal. Why can't I just have a day where my skin does not flare, and I have to itch for satisfaction every 5 minutes.

Sometimes I scratch until it bleeds and I've been trying not to, because who honestly wants to be in this situation every day. Putting creams all over and taking Benadryl every second. With our family moving, I just have not found the time to get to a doctor - but i will need to really soon.

Does anyone else experience an itch that won't go away, or break out in hives?

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