Since being diagnosed with fatigue, I've felt it the most lately. It feels like someone is bending my bones. The body aches that last at least 30 minutes to an hour, almost every morning. The cries in the morning because you know that your day does not stop due to you having something to live for and little people who look up to you. Handling lupus fatigue is not easy.

When I was diagnosed with lupus, fatigue was the first thing I experienced. That was a big sign for me, but the more and more I lived with lupus the more I noticed how fatigue exists in my life.

Lupus and energy

Energy has become a big problem for me recently. Why? Because being a parent with lupus, my body does not get adequate rest. I used to wonder why sometimes my mother would be out of work for months at a time and then I would see her go back. Sometimes she would call her boss and tell them that she can not come in or she would be a few hours late. She did not have energy most of the time.

I found myself having low iron and vitamin D deficiency. These things took a toll on my body. I found myself always being tired. My doctors would tell me to get up and do something. But what is there to do when depending on the weather I would become even more tired by just walking outside.

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A fight to get out of bed

Just this week it took me 30 more minutes every morning to get out of bed. I have been trying to avoid getting out of the bed and keeping my children in bed with me until my body is ready for me to get up and go out. It has become more of a hassle than anything.

In the beginning this was a sign that something was wrong with me and I didn't notice it. I just wondered why I had no energy and why I was always tired. This caused me to become short-tempered with people because they never understood. They just considered me lazy.

Just recently my fatigue had me in a chokehold. I stayed in bed until 12 in the afternoon. I never stay in bed that long at all. I felt exhausted even though I had gotten a full night of rest. I woke up and it felt as if my bones and joints were throbbing. I was so tired, I could not get up.

Handling lupus fatigue

Now I take iron supplements and vitamin D supplements. I am going to start going back to the gym at 5:00 am every morning to make sure that I get my body to wake up. The gym helped me survive and get myself in a better head and body space.

I realized it is what you eat as well, and I am learning to eat better for a healthier lifestyle. I implement beets in my diet, that gives me extra energy to have throughout the day. I remembered that I am what I eat at times, and I could eat things that are not good for me.

I should not feel like I am about to pass out in random places because I am extremely tired. So I am finding ways to naturally help me because I do not want to add another medication to my list. What works for me may not work for others, so please always remember to talk with your doctor.

Do you have any other strategies for handling lupus fatigue?

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