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Can Lupus be Fatal?

Can lupus become fatal? Yes, for some people, lupus can become fatal. Lupus causes many complications with health issues. It is dangerous because lupus attacks the organs. Our kidneys and central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord – These are the 2 organ systems that require the most immunosuppression and, if damaged, can have life-threatening complications. One of the leading causes of death for people living with lupus can be cardiovascular disease, from what I have read. From experience, I have reached near-death experiences at least 3 times in my life, and it started with kidney failure. Then over time, it evolved into more health complications other than lupus.

Why it is important to take care of myself

It is important to take care of yourself so it does not happen this way. I can honestly say that over the years, I found myself telling my doctor that I eat healthily and then would go home and eat a cheeseburger or as in New Orleans, our soul food is what got me. See, down south, we like well-seasoned food, and sometimes those foods are high in sodium which is not good for the body. I found myself causing more health problems for myself as the day goes on and on. It took me to literally on air to realize that it was me that was causing my problems.

Having supportive doctors

I met doctors that never really sat there and taught me. It is best when you have doctors that take time and explain your health to you. My nephrologist would explain every blood work I have had to me to where I completely understand my health inside and out. Over the years, I have lost multiple friends to lupus. One had kidney failure and was waiting on her body to get better to receive her transplant, and her body never got better. Then another friend, was on oxygen because she was experiencing lung failure and ended up passing. I also had family members who passed away from lupus.

Working to improve myself

When you are in the hospital, it feels like they are detoxing your body with better and healthier foods and medications. While I use to be in the hospital, they would reset my body, and I would leave doing the same thing repeatedly until I realized what the cycle was and that I needed to break it. When you come close to near-death experiences, you start to reevaluate yourself and what you need to work on. For the people that have passed and moved on, you should want to change for them. It helps me to learn from other people's mistakes to better myself.

When you work on yourself, you can influence others to do better and live a longer vivacious life. Now that I have worked on myself, I do not have those experiences any more.  Try new diets and workouts you have never tried before. Stress can damage you, so live the best life you can ever think you will have and experience what you felt was the impossible. That is how you continue to live.

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