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Exhaustion of Lupus

Are you tired and exhausted just for no reason at all most of the time? This is what prevents us from getting up for work and doing our job. It also prevents us from going out with friends and family. It prevents us from having a life in general.

One thing that I have learned is that our body shows different signs and different ways that either a flare-up is coming or our body needs rest and is about ready to shut down on us. With lupus, we cannot push ourselves to the limit because we are readily trying to be the best we can be. Our body shows symptoms that we could be utterly unaware of and it's not your fault – it's just you getting to know your own body. Will your body tell you? Sometimes, you just have to be ready and prompt to notice the signs.

Recognizing the signs that a flare is coming

I had so many signs that I did not recognize. I pushed myself while working until I was standing over the cash register and felt as if I was suffocating to the point that I couldn’t breathe. I noticed the signs. But who listens to those signs when you have bills to pay? Sometimes, I would have managers that did not understand my disease. They were very ill-hearted when I requested off because my body would hurt, and I could not show up to work that day. If I did, I would be asking to go home. What we think are minor symptoms actually turn out being big symptoms to us.

Signs I have recognized

  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Body aches
  • Lost of appetite
  • Diarrhea (it's not because of a stomach virus)
  • Dizziness
  • Lost of vision randomly
  • Completely exhausted to where you are too weak to get up

Learning the hard way

I learned these signs the hard way and started to make changes to myself. On my off days, I would sleep all day hoping my friends would understand that I'm in so much pain to the point my body is shutting down. When I get off work, I move into a slower pace to get my private life things done.

But trying to juggle school and work could sometimes be a hassle. Some college courses required 5 hours of studies which my body would not give. I was overworking my body and did not know it. Trying to be the perfect wife and come home and cook, clean, work, and school was a lot on my body. It might not mean much to others, but it meant a lot to me. There would be times to where my husband would leave for work at 10 am and come home at 7 pm and I would still be laying in the same spot where he left me sleeping.

I felt as if I stranded myself because I would sleep so much. Then, my temperature would be 101oF or so and I would just sleep more and more. But I realized the more I sleep the more time I gave my body to reset and heal. Just think about it, when you're in the hospital, all you have time to do is sleep, and that’s what I did. Whether I was in the hospital or home, I slept. Do not feel bad for yourself because you're taking those steps to make sure you do not get sick and end up in the hospital.

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