My Emotions on the COVID-19 Virus and Being Pregnant

My emotions are everywhere when it comes to this disease because this pandemic happened in my state right after my baby shower. Then it seems like the world made a U-turn in the midst of a week. The restrictions they have in the hospital crushed my heart but I learned its for everyone’s own protection.

I wanted people to be smarter with this pandemic by staying inside and being more cautious. If there are people who are elderly, have an autoimmune disease, and pregnant, they should definitely be inside and take the precautions very seriously.

But when I found out the hospital restrictions, I cried for 30 minutes, because the only one that could be in the room with me is my husband. I’m glad he is able to be there, but I would have liked for it to be normal with the family around me. My husband can not come to doctor appointments with me at all anymore. So, all the ultrasounds and all the doctor visits, he can not come. And I know its more devastating to him just as much as it is to me.

Changes I have made to stay safe

Actions that I have taken to be safe for me and my baby:

  1. Stay inside as much as you can
  2. Wear gloves and mask
  3. When you come home from public areas, take a bath
  4. Do not go to gatherings or events
  5. Drink a lot of water and take essential vitamins
  6. Don’t panic
  7. If you have someone to go out for you, do that. If not, be very careful and as quick as possible

Keeping the faith everything will be fine

Being pregnant has installed fear in me that I never thought I could have. Here I feel as if it's my miracle baby and I wish and hope nothing goes wrong. The environment that we're in these days has me keeping faith that everything will be fine. The brighter side of things is I know every doctor and nurse just wants to protect myself and themselves from this situation. I have no choice but to understand how they were feeling and caring about their health as well.

I am learning as I go

But I fear baby diapers, wipes, and formula will not be easy to access during this hectic time. Every store I go to – everything is sold out. I wish I had more disinfectant wipes so I can clean up everything, but those things are sold out, too. When tissue and paper towels were sold out, people started buying all the baby wipes. I learned my own method of making hand sanitizer which includes aloe Vera plant, 100 percent alcohol, and essential oil. Mix those things together and there is hand sanitizer. I am also learning new techniques to make wipes and maybe implement using cloth wipes.

I ask as many questions as I can to my doctor because I want to be more open-minded to things. Most of my doctors are willing to do virtual visits for safety and my comfort. Being pregnant during COVID-19 really has me being cautious about the protection of my daughter and me.

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