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Coping With Lupus Flares

When dealing with a flare-up, your coping mechanisms can be very different from mine. My coping mechanisms will only keep me in the mind frame to keep pushing. I know how hard it is to go to school and keep a job when dealing with this health condition. Sometimes with this condition, I do feel I would need someone to talk to with dealing with my condition. Dealing with lupus can bring us into depression and even worse.

Tips for coping with lupus

Sometimes making hobbies and doing them on a set schedule can help. Some ideas I learned to cope with lupus are:

  • I slept at least 12 hours
  • Try and avoid stressful situations
  • Try to do cardio and yoga

Nutrition tips for lupus

It’s a MAJOR priority to change your eating habits also because what you intake also predicts a flare also (NO salt was the best for me or low sodium diet.) Here are more tips that work for me:

  • I use seasonings like Mrs. Dash® or like dry rubs for my meat also
  • I eat A LOT of avocados
  • I eat more fruits and veggies
  • I eat oatmeal and almonds (also things high in fiber/protein)
  • I only eat chicken or seafood (watch seafood for too much iodine)

Do what works for you

I had a bad experience with boiled shrimp. An hour after I ate my nerves in my leg start to hurt and it would make it really hard to walk. It's like I lose strength in my lower body.

Try not to overload yourself because sometimes you can not do everything. Especially having kids. Work, school, kids, and dealing with other living obstacles, could become overwhelming to your body.

When I used to catch flare-ups, I used to cry because I use to always assume it was the end of my life. But it was not. When lupus started to affect my skin, I only went out during no heat peak hours. So that would include from 11 am to 5 pm. I would do my grocery shopping before 11 am and if I had to go out I took serious precautions such as sunscreen and dressing completely. Whatever my doctors told me to do, I followed, but also added more safety – like getting tint on my windows or wearing a hat that helps cover the sun from my face. Wear sunglasses also for the protection of your eyes.

Listen to your body

When your body is sending you mixed signals, listen. Why? If your body never went through something and you notice, most likely something could be going on. It's also best to have to know your health history because it will help you in the long run. When I learned my health history as time progressed and I would go through things I took notes. So when I am feeling some type of way they have this thing called MyChart where you can message your doctor, do virtual visits, request a prescription refill. During these times, I am sure your doctor does not mind protecting them or you by doing virtual visits. But I invested something like a weight scale and blood pressure cuff.

These things that I do have made it easier for my life. So each day I take it day by day.

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