My Experience On Benlysta

So, I started Benlysta a few months back and I wanted to see how it does with my body. Again, my doctor did tell me that it did not work too well on African Americans, which I understood but was willing to take the risk. I did not feel as if my health was in danger, but I felt like I needed a change and I talked to my doctor about this injection because I have heard so many people use it. Of course, I take the injection once a week. The site can be around your stomach area, I even heard of others using their legs. It is a quick and simple thing to do and you really get the hang of it after you do it so many times.

Lupus treatments and life

Well, one time I thought that I was not doing good on it and I stopped taking it for about a month or so when I tell you, bad idea! I am in a full-blown flare-up in certain areas of my skin. So, I started the injection back and I could see that some of my skin rashes are going down which is a complete lifesaver for me. My daughter loves to scratch, pinch, and bite, which could be a very painful experience.

There were times that when I first started the injection, I did not have the energy to even go to the gym which they say is normal at first. It is enough we must get more rest just one the condition we have alone but to get even extra sleep because of taking the injection is impossible. Impossible? Yes, and every parent knows what I am talking about. Trying to juggle school, my business, and a child can be overwhelming. She is my sweetie pie though.

Benlysta is helping me

So, I started to take the injection again and I see a difference. I am having less joint pain. My body is less aggravated, and my flares are calming down. This is true that this injection does not work for everyone the same. I have taken people's advice and I have not experienced the same thing as them when they had taken the injection. One must remember that your immune system will drop with this injection, also. So be careful with being around people.

I would only recommend this injection to someone if they have done the research on it and understand the side effects that may come with it. I used to wonder if I could take other things while on this medication or if I can get certain vaccines while on the meds I am on. But I learned that because of my condition, there are only no live vaccines that I can take. That means the virus cannot be active it must be a non-live virus for me to be able to take it. This is okay, but I do not do good with any side effects so remember to educate yourself and choose wisely.

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