Being a Mom with Lupus

Being a mother overall is an awesome experience. But to also feel like you achieved a milestone you felt like you could never do is another awesome feeling. When I got home with her, being a new mom sent butterflies through my stomach. I mean, of course, the doctors ask you things that would scare you such as: Does she have rashes all over her body? Does she have a hard time breathing? Do you suspect that she might have neonatal lupus? Do not be scared. They just want to mark out the possibilities and make sure your child is healthy as possible.

Being a first-time parent with lupus

At home being a first-time parent, I would get less sleep than I am supposed to – being a concerned parent. I just got up every 5 seconds trying to make sure she was ok. She needs round-the-clock breastfeeding and diaper changes and it's amazing. It will have you feeling like a tired, awesome mom. I learned that my child loves being skin-to-skin, and she is more relaxed that way. Every time she gets up she cries, when she comes into my arms she relaxed so much more. My time and life are no longer mine. It is for my daughter and I am so in love with that.

I have been very protective

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have been a very protective mom. I really don’t let anyone come to my house. I do more virtual doctor visits to protect my immune system and my daughters. We stay in the house all the time with no issues. She is very vulnerable at this time and I am just protecting her. We don’t go to the doctor unless we really need to show up. I also limit my time to go anywhere else whether it's to the grocery store to get groceries or pick up meds. I found resources to be reliable such as medication delivery, grocery delivery, and more. For my daughter, I order her pampers and wipes from Amazon, Walmart, or Target and get it delivered to the house.

Support from my husband

It sometimes can become overwhelming to manage being a wife and mother now. Some might not understand, but feeding around the clock and changing diapers can become a lot while fulfilling wifely duties. I still try and manage cooking dinner and cleaning around the house. I want to make sure I could still be some help as my husband goes to and come home from work. When he comes home, I try and make sure he and I are settled at the same time. The thing I love most about being a mother and wife is the break I get when my husband comes home. He completely takes over with our daughter and lets me have my relaxation time.

This experience is such a miracle from having an out of body experience to actually having the most beautiful human being here in your arms. I am overjoyed with being a parent. It was something I thought I would never be able to achieve.

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