A chain of people wearing purple shirts, hands clasped, walking together for lupus advocacy.

My First Lupus Walk

The first lupus walk I attended was amazing. I was invited in 2016 and someone who knew someone who had lupus invited me. She was a very vivacious person and supported the people around her who had lupus also. I ended up driving from Texas to Virginia, which was 22 hours there, and to get back home was the same amount. It was a hard drive with no rest but it was a beautiful sight, seeing the beautiful areas in different states.

My husband and I would rather drive than be on a plane. Plus, I am afraid of heights a little bit. When I got there of course I was sick in the morning because I needed to sleep. If you take a long drive, be sure to rest your eyes. I ended up vomiting and feeling so weak that I could nearly stand.

The day of the lupus walk

Mrs. K took me to a boutique to where I got my clothes and then I went to a beautician where she did my make-up for the lupus walk. The walk was around a high school. The school was huge with a beautiful space. I interviewed with a few news sites and gave information on lupus and my experience through lupus. Then I started to meet people like me. I was amazed at how young you can be with lupus. But I was also motivated by how old you can be with lupus. You can live a normal healthy life. Sometimes it's hard but you can push through it. It was the best experience I ever felt to see others talk about their experience and be able to relate to them.

Making lasting connections

I met people that made me feel as if I was not alone. Then they were dance teams out there performing and having a good time. Then each certain person got up and spoke a few words and it was beautiful. Being around those people who wanted to learn about your experience whether they have lupus are not is a beautiful experience. Every year I would look forward to going to another one but COVID stopped that experience. I have also been to a lupus event where the beautiful young woman did it every year in Lafayette, LA. We called her Kay and she brought the purest joy to my eyes most of the time. She was a beautiful person. She would raise money and when I came everything was decorated so beautiful.

We all need someone

Going to these events just makes you feel at home to have someone to relate to you and love you at the same time. They make you feel not left alone in this world and everyone needs that feeling, it does not matter who you are or what you are going through. I learned you always need someone there. My first lupus walk taught me to never give up because there could always be someone watching you, looking for you to keep going because that keeps them going. It gives me so much joy.

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