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Just Because I Have Lupus Does Not Mean We Are Not The Same

No one likes to be judged over something that you cannot control. It's hard some days having a condition and you do not know how people will treat you when they find out the truth. You have some people that are okay with your condition and some people will judge you. To have that self-doubt already and to find someone that keeps putting you down is something that can be hurtful and can lead to you causing harm to yourself and others.

As a child, I always suffered from issues with my appearance. I felt as if sometimes I was not pretty enough because of getting bullied through school and out of school.

Identity issues with lupus

Sometimes we just want to be able to walk outside without being stared at. Sometimes we want people to ask the right questions instead of the devious ones. People with any autoimmune disease hate feeling worthless or less than what we are already are. We should feel beautiful and unique in our own way. But as human beings, we need to understand that each individual fights with an identity issue, autoimmune or not.

Sometimes I would get so depressed that I would have my food, grocery, medication, and anything delivered through the house. They did not make these apps like Uber for people who are inconvenient. They also made it for different types of reasons and one is for those who do not have that love to love themselves and keep moving forward. I battled with a lot of issues that I am not proud of. Because lupus sometimes makes you wanna give up.

Educating others about my lupus

I have had interactions with people that looked in disgust and I am looking back like, "I am just like you. We both shed the same blood and we are all the same people." It used to cause me to cry over it but then it caused me to become stronger and wiser.

It taught me to forgive those who are not understanding. This disease can be a very difficult disease but that does not mean life stops. People with lupus are allowed to have somewhat of a normal life. You can have a normal life its just how you take care of yourself. But we can do normal things others can do. We can create kids just like other people. We can fall in love and get married and grow old with someone like others. We can drive a car and transport ourselves. We can eat a variety of foods but watch our salt and sodium intake. We can have high paying jobs and good education like others.

We are survivors

When we are judged we feel even worse because here we are not understanding our condition and now we are not understanding why are we being judged at the same time. Falling down and getting back up should be every lupus patient's motto because we keep pushing forward in life no matter how much we fall and get back up. WE ARE STRONG AND WISE! WE ARE SURVIVORS! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! WE ARE EQUAL!

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