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Possible Lupus?

I’ve have had high platelets for the past 20 years and have been living with primary Addison’s and hypothyroid for the past 27 years. I literally never feel good. I’ve been seeing a hematologist and she decided to run an ANA on me. CRP 9.7 ANA Ab screen POSITIVE ANA Titer <1:40 ANA pattern none detected DNA (ds) Ab, Crithidia IFA POSITIVE DNA (AB) (DS) Crithidia Titer 1:40, Titer H (<1:10) Rheumatoid factor 14 SM Antibody negative SM/RNP Antibody negative Sjogren’s Antibody SS-A 4.1 POSITIVE Sjogren’s Antibody SS-B negative SCL negative

I know I definitely will be diagnosed with Sjogren’s, my mouth is dry and peeling with inflamed gums.(can lupus cause the same mouth symptoms?). I have noticed last year when I was in the sun a lot I had an uncontrolled itchy rash on my arms. Can high platelets also indicate lupus? I appreciate any feedback on my current blood work. Do you think I might have lupus? Thank you!

  1. , I am glad you are here, this community has been useful to many like you who are experiencing symptoms and receiving many different diagnoses, wondering if it is lupus.

    This site can provide support, information, and perspectives from others living with lupus, but we do not provide medical advice so we cannot interpret your blood work results. We can provide information that the diagnostic criteria for lupus is a Positive antinuclear antibodies (ANA) test with a titer of >1:80 on Hep-2 cells or equivalent positive test. Here's a link to the full diagnostic criteria:

    We talk here about 'lupus plus' which means many experiencing these symptoms have many diagnoses (including Sjogren's) that overlap. The dental symptoms you're experiencing are certainly ones that others here with lupus and/or Sjogren's experience. Here's some info on coping with them:

    You mentioned seeing a hematologist. Have you also seen a rheumatologist? That, along with tracking symptoms, can help you toward more clear information. Here is some more info that is useful for those who suspect they have lupus but are struggling to get a diagnosis -

    Keep us posted on what happens, and how you're feeling.

    Liz ( Team Member)

    1. Hi there,

      So sorry to hear that you've been feeling so poorly! Blood work can be very difficult to interpret - every time I finally think I understand what mine means I'll learn something new from my rheumatologist about her interpretations. It really does take a lot of knowledge to correctly analyze blood results - I would definitely take these labs to a rheumatologist!

      Lupus commonly causes mouth ulcers, but lots of other issues can arise with lupus and dental health. With these issues, you may want to look for a dentist that has experience with lupus patients.

      I would certainly bring up the sun reaction with a rheumatologist, for me that would warrant more of an investigation into lupus. Hope you are able to get some answers and let us know how it goes! Wishing you the best. -Ava, team

      1. Hi Anieee

        I know it is difficult to go through all of the tests and try to determine what they all mean. Lupus is diagnosed with a series of different bloodwork as well as other criteria and family history. I think if you sit with your doctor and have him/her explain it all it will make more sense. I hope it all gets clearer for you soon.

        ~Racquel~ Team

Thank you so much for all your gracious replies. I went to Rheumatologist for first time and they took a lot of blood. I’m 57 years old and it’s possible I’ve been living with undiagnosed Lupus for the past 15-20 years. I take 25-30mg of hydrocortisone per day for my primary Addison’s disease, that dose has probably kept the lupus from severe flare ups. (if I have it, hinting I do but will make final decision when additional things come back). Two years ago My endocrinologist lowered my hydrocortisone dosage to 25mg per day because I was at the upper end for steroid replacement and now have osteopenia. Soo I think the Lupus didn’t like that lower dosage and that’s why I have felt completely awful. I now upped my steroids, staying out of the sun and I’m starting to feel better. I live in south Florida and I love the outdoors so this has been difficult to say the least. Rheumatologist believes I have Sjogren’s but wants to figure out if it’s secondary to the Lupus or primary. Testing my muscles too, it’s possible my immune system is attacking my muscles. Oh and possible arthritis too. I look healthy on the outside but so much going on in the inside. You all have to be very aware that once you have one autoimmune you are prone to others. My son was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at age 6. Thank God he is healthy adult otherwise. Thanks so much for your support. 

          1. , thank you for updating us, it sounds like you are on the road for some answers. It must be hard to stay out of the sun in South Florida, I feel for you. We're glad you're here, please continue to use the community as you go through this diagnosis journey. - Liz ( Team Member)

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