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Caregiving 101: Respite, and Support

Have you ever found yourself slowly realizing that you are slowly doing more and more? It's a fact that life as a caregiver does not always happen quickly, and often, the responsibilities creep up on you.

A caregiver can be just about anyone! You can be a partner, adult child, parent, spouse, sibling, aunt, uncle, niece/nephew, in-law, neighbor, friend, and sometimes a grandchild! Regardless of your relationship, it is fair to say that the title of 'caregiver' is here to stay.

Share your common caregiving task with others within the community!

  1. @Lawrence You are absolutely right! The title 'caregiver' is not going anywhere. My mom has the role I have played in her life has changed over the years. More recently, I have found that many of our conversations involve the underlying science behind different medications. It has been helpful for both of us.

    1. Hi Eric! Welcome to the forum. Having this perspective is very important and super helpful to the community! When you mention the "science behind different medications", could you help us better understand how you and your mom view this? Is it that you often consider the physical and psychological impacts of trying new treatments? Or the overall fatigue, and side-effects? I know that others within the community would love to learn more from your lens! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. -Lawrence ( Team)

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