Cay Bermingham

Lupus Community Advocate Cay BerminghamCay Bermingham is a married, mother of 6, a registered nurse and a lupus warrior. She was diagnosed at 42 after first seeing symptoms at age 15. The transition from provider to the patient was bumpy but she and her family have found their way forward with love, humor, honesty, and faith. Cay discovered the lack of information and education inside the medical community was astounding. Cay is passionate about raising awareness and educating medical practitioners to shorten the time it takes to get to a diagnosis. She admits, “We know very little about any autoimmune disease let alone lupus. I, as a practicing nurse and former nursing instructor, didn’t even recognize the malar rash on my own face because I was taught it had to be a raised very red rash. That isn’t true on darker skin.” She started using social media to educate others after discovering just how little is known and how great the fear of lupus is. Those little posts grew into ‘Confessions of a Lupie Queen’. She doesn’t care to sugarcoat the difficulty of living with lupus. “It’s not pretty living with lupus, but I firmly believe that no Lupie should ever have to fight alone. Even if it’s just the other side of a computer, no one should ever be alone and afraid.”

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